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6 Reasons to Track Domain Statistics

Kristin Irish

The two main things to focus on when maintaining your website after it’s built are promoting it and taking account the traffic that comes in.  A website without traffic has no point. Here are 6 reasons for tracking your website statistics: 

Target right audience

Statistics show from what region the traffic is coming from.  If all of your traffic is from a country to which you cannot ship your product, the traffic is null.  Also, finding out the demographic of who is ending up on your site is one of the most helpful things.  If you want to target an audience of a certain age bracket for example, and traffic is coming from places that are of a different origin, it is time to build up your audience in a different area.

Fix Issues with Browsers and Devices

Stats can tell you if your site is working well with every browser.  If traffic is coming from Chrome but your site only works well on Safari, you’ll lose traffic inconveniencing the audience.

The same goes for devices.  If your site isn’t getting any mobile traffic, that is where most people are doing their shopping now online.  Can’t browse in a tablet?  That also needs to be optimized.  Having a website that is mobile optimized is important.

Optimise Keyword and Referrer Data

Having statistics tell you what keywords people are using to route to your site is imperative for drawing attention to your site to solve the consumers’ problem. If you aren’t using the right keywords it’s going to be difficult for anyone to find the site.

Referrer sites are also a big way to route prospective consumers to your site.  If the site is linked to another site that demonstrates that your service or product is the answer to their problem, you will get referrer clicks.  Knowing from what sites they are being routed is necessary to know where your presence should be and what to aim for.

track domain statistics

Separate the Spam from the Consumer

If IP users use a significant amount of bandwidth, it could be a spammer but be careful that it isn’t an active customer before blacklisting them.  If there is a lot of flow but no one is taking the call to action to convert to an active consumer, it could just be a spammer.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Know which search engines are sending your site all of the traffic and identify the engines where no traffic is brewing from. There you can put focus on how to target that search engine traffic as well.

Maximise Your Online Sales

Domain statistics can tell you if you’ve had no, low, or higher sales in a certain time period. If you usually have buyers in the summer and many of them have disappeared, you may have a site issue. Tracking the days of the week and time of day is also important to know when you should be posting new content and promotions.

Without having proper statistics in place to improve your website, it could affect the company’s ability to increase earnings which is the site’s function to begin with.  A site without traffic is not working for you.  Having tangible statistics to highlight any improvements that need to be made will save the management a lot of time and questioning. 

Now that you have tracked Domain statistics, don't forget to track your domain with Domboard to protect your online real estate.

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