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5 Top Reasons You Need to Track Your Domain

Kristin Irish

1. Track Your Domain to Prevent Expiration

If you don't know when your domain expires, you might lose the domain name and your website, so you would have to get a new domain, lose your digital identity, and a brand. In the worst case scenario, if your domain is the same name as your company, you might even have to do the whole rebranding. 

Also, someone can illegally transfer your domain information if they get their hands on your domain information. If you track when they are expiring you can avoid the harm it would cause if you didn't know your time was up and you lose all of your work and business relationships. Some customers won't understand the website has moved. Any QR code, business card or flyer, blog, anything on print would have to be changed or the customer is going to the old and wrong web address. Don't have your professionalism compromised because of an expired web address.  

prevent domain expiration

If someone takes your domain name, you'll have to have your website built again. If you've spent money hiring a software developer to build your website and keep it up to date, you are going to lose everything if you don't have domain tracking. It's a small investment with a huge return. Domboard will notify you when your domain is about to expire so you don't have to remember on your own!

2. Track Your Domain to Prevent Fraudulent Activities

People who want to have the same domain as you might be tracking it and get it the minute it becomes available (for their own use to steal credit card information, usually, or simply to resell it to you at an exorbitant rate). 

This is a big way that people can copy your information and build a site almost exactly like yours and start charging your customers money for things they can't produce. Anyone who is fraudulent can go into your site, copy exactly what you wrote and what you sell, set up a cash out system, and start stealing. It can ruin your reputation online when you have loyal customers posting reviews saying they ordered and never got shipped the product, for example. If your domain expires and someone else picks it up immediately, your customers have no way of knowing it was taken over by someone else. It's a business trying to get it back and could cost you thousands to millions depending on how lucrative your company is.

track your domain to prevent fraud

One example happened to a photographer who had abandoned her site due to inactivity and changing careers. Sound like something we would all do, right? When it expires, it's gone. Wrong! Someone had set up a fake online shoe company on her domain and added a .ru, then began stealing credit card information from its purchasers. Domboard will notify you of an expiry dates approaching for any of your domains in advance so this doesn't happen to you and your customers.

3. Track Your Trademarks to Prevent the Unauthorized Use of Your Trademark

First, it's important you choose the right domain name as it's easy searchable and comes up quickly in general search engines. It makes your company look more professional and like a logo, more memorable. This will also help you build up your brand management and online marketing reputation. If your domain has high ranking KEYwords, this is the most beneficial thing for you and your online presence. Nowadays your domain estate is your biggest investment since half of all shopping has been done online and sent through deliveries.  

track your trademark onine

Domboard will continuously monitor all new domain name registrations to spot any new names with your trademarks or keywords, allowing to highlight potential unauthorised use of your trademark.

There are many instances of trademark infringement online but one specific case would be between Louis Vuitton vs. Louis Vuiton Vak. The latter being a friend chicken restaurant in South Korea using the former company's similar logo and packaging on their fried chicken products.  

4. Track Your Domain Statistics 

Having statistics of how much traffic you're getting and from where is really important for where you need to focus your marketing.  

What Domboard can do for your business is track your domains with expiry dates and monitor your sites, keeping you up to date with necessary statistics at a low cost. This type of service will save you all the time and energy from the unknowns of the internet and allow you to peacefully do business instead of monitoring things online.

track your domain statistics

Large companies and multinational corporations track various metrics of their general growth and profits, and analyze data for how many customers they attract and from what funnels is a key way to future plan and tweak social media sites to best fit your customer's needs. It removes all of the mystery of not knowing what is and what isn't working for you.

5. Building up customer trust

Having the same domain the entirety of your business is key for keeping up your brand management and having your clients trust your product and reputation.

If you have a site that has been hacked or stolen, it's going to be one fine day when you can get your customers to trust you again. Having a reputation for a site that has gone AWOL and stolen their credit card information is going to make them leery. You may even have to relaunch your business and product under another name, taking years to rebuild.  A smeared reputation is worse than someone who has none. If people can't trust your website, especially with your financial information, they can't trust you no matter how much they liked your brand or your product.

Domboard can manage tracking as many websites as you own and does all of the work for you, so all you need to do is renew your site!

reasons to track your domain

Domboard protects your digital estate, your life's work and your livelihood with regular notifications to prevent expiration and track your statistics.

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